TOP 12 Backpacks and Bags

TOP 12 Backpacks and Bags

16. 8. 2021 2 min. reading

Do you want something on your back, but don't know how to choose from that large amount? So you're right here! Choose a city backpack, gym bag or sports bag. Something for everyone.

TOP 12 Backpacks and Bags


Do you need a versatile bag or backpack that will not make you feel ashamed in the city and at the same time compact and practical? This one is usually provided with a separate protection for the laptop compartment, is very comfortable and can be a travel partner.

  • Our Eco tip: adidas TIRO, which definitely cares about planet! It is partly made of recycled plastics collected on beaches before polluting the ocean.

Do you prefer to separate your daily life and the active one? Sports bags are suitable for any sport, as they are very spacious, versatile and some have a waterproof upper so you can train in any weather. Ladies will appreciate the smaller, more organized and elegant bag.

We will certainly please fans of empty hands or backpack lovers, especially backpacks to the gym. It boasts a separate pocket for dirty clothes or shoes. They are simple with guaranteed quick access to all things.

TOP 12

Nike Radiate Icon Clash

UA Project Rock 60 L

Under Armour Favorite

adidas TIRO medium

Thorn + Fit Division 40 L

Reebok Active Core

Under Armour Undeniable 4.0

Nike Utility Power

Under Armour Halftime

Puma teamGOAL 23 Wheel Teambag

Nike Utility

Gym Glamour Gymsack

Do you know which one to choose yet?