Reebok in the lead role. Which shoes to choose for Cross Training, Les Mills or running?

Reebok in the lead role. Which shoes to choose for Cross Training, Les Mills or running?

1. 12. 2021 3 min. reading

Quality and sophisticated design can be seen at first glance. What's more?Flexibility and complexity. The right shoes are the basis of good training, which is why Reebok has developed several types of shoes that are adapted to the given sports and the needs of athletes. Choose yours and work to the fullest!

Cross Training

This intensive type of training requires a complex shoe which you will feel good in and which will provide you with sufficient support at the same time. That's why Reebok has developed the Nano X1, which is suitable for all Cross Training disciplines. A lightweight and flexible shoe with a durable sole that adapts to any obstacle and handles weightlifting, burpees and even rope climbing!

Top4Fitness tip: are you familiar with the world of Cross Training and does the name Rich Froning ring a bell? Then here is a shoe for you, Reebok Nano X1 Froning, which is designed directly by this admirable athlete. Try the new generation of popular Nano and train like a champion!

Shoes_NanoX1_FroningReebok Nano X1 Froning shoes

Les Mills

A world-famous exercise that consists of several different programs. They differ in intensity and complexity. You choose which program is right for you. You will find strength, fitness or endurance exercises that are suitable for both beginners and advanced. Get the Reebok Nano X1 Les Mills, that are designed just for you! And what types of exercises are involved?

  • BODYPUMP® - a strength and endurance program in which you will really work
  • BODYATTACK® - active and fast program including squats, jumps and athletic movements
  • BODYCOMBAT® - cardio program containing elements of boxing and kickboxing, no contact
  • BODYBALANCE® - a calm yet flexible program that combines stretching, yoga and pilates
  • BODYJAM® - do you enjoy dancing? Try BODYJAM®, which will make you dance and have fun
  • CXWORX® - a 30 minute long (or short?) training focused on the abdominal and buttock muscles
  • GRIT® - a 30 minute long, high-intensity, interval training
  • LES MILLS TONE® - a strenght and conditioning program

Les Mills - BODYCOMBAT® program


We recommend a shoe from the Reebok Flexagon series for visits to the gym. The comfortable MemoryTech foam inside the shoe ensures comfort and the light mesh surface guarantees breathability and air. The Reebok HIIT TR is a lightweight and breathable shoe which stimulates the climate inside and is ideal for group lessons and high-intensity exercises (HIIT). Step out of the comfort zone in a comfortable shoe!


Even the weightlifters will get their money's worth. The Reebok Legacy Lifter II shoe offers stability and support thanks to the raised heel, which is indispensable when lifting heavy weights. The rubber sole keeps you moving and the Exoframe technology fastens your heel perfectly.


Wondering what running shoes to buy and you run mostly on harder surfaces? We have the perfect choice for you! Thanks to Reebok Floatride Energy 3.0 Adventure, you'll be faster than ever. The neutral tread, the solid carbon rubber sole and the foam midsole will give you comfort every step.

For hard surface runs, choose Reebok Floatride Energy 3.0 Adventure 

Free time

Sneakers and streetwear is something Reebok really knows how to do. The Reebok Classic leisure collection combines minimalism, comfort and style. You will find several models to choose from, depending on your preferences. From white classics to original limited editions.

Whatever sport you're preparing for, Reebok is ready to take your performance a step further. It has been a favorite in the sports world for several years. He has earned his place among both professional athletes and people who play sports as a hobby. It doesn't discriminate, because everyone deserves to work to the fullest!