Top4Fitness affiliate

Do you run your own website, blog, manage a Facebook page or discussion forum? Make some money. Join our Affiliate program, place our ad on your website, through which customers will come to our eshop and you will get interesting commissions from their purchases. Affiliate Program is an affiliate commission system for website operators, social networking profiles, influencers etc. Bring visitors to us who buy goods and get a commission. As soon as they buy and receive the order, a commission of 5% of the order value is yours.

*return period is 30 days

  • Example: During one month, you bring us 100 visitors. 10 of them will buy for a total of 1 000 € (each has an order in value of 100 €). You get a commission of 50 € (5% of 1 000 €).

* commissions are calculated from price without tax and delivery costs

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Why Top4Fitness?

  • The widest selection of 300 000 items available in stock (football, athletics, fitness, lifestyle - men''s, women''s, children''s models and sizes).
  • Wide range of the latest models of fitness boots/running shoes top brands.
  • Increasing order volume - thousands of orders per week.
  • Regular discounts and sales.
  • Quality guarantee - 100% original goods.
  • Secure payment - accreditation ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • 30 days to return goods without giving a reason (Royal guarantee).
  • Unrivaled options and advantageous loyalty program.
  • We will give you banners for our events - launch of new products on the market, celebration of our birthday, discount and sale events, ...
  • The selected partners will receive a list of our products in the XML feed.

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Our terms and conditions:

  • 5% commission 
  • length of cookies: 30 days (the time during which your visitor is registered in our system as brought by you)
  • length of IP tracking - 0 days
  • XML feed - yes
  • Coupon sites - yes, commission 3%
  • Cash back sites - yes, commission 3%

Types of websites and promotions we are not interested in:

  • direct targeting in PPC
  • using the brand in PPC (not even running reports)
  • e-mailing only after approval
  • traffic from directly redirected domains
  • new catalog sites built on XML without their own content

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