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TOP shoes for Cross Training. Which are the best ones?

TOP shoes for Cross Training. Which are the best ones?

4. 4. 2023 4 min. reading

Cross Training is a complex movement for which you need durable and flexible shoes. We've got the Reebok Nano and Nike Metcon - two bestsellers for the best performance!

Finding shoes for Cross Training can be quite a chore. This is a complex exercise that combines many elements, workouts, and types of movement.

You just can't do without the right shoes!

There are two brands at the forefront of this sport - Reebok and Nike. Whether you're a Nike fan or prefer Reebok, you can't go wrong here. This is the absolute top-notch that can keep up with you even during the most demanding workouts.

What is important about Cross Training shoes?

  • Hard heel - To hold you while squatting or doing deadlifts.
  • Special sole and reinforced inner side - So that they do not get damaged during the climb and hold you during handstands against the wall.
  • Ultra-light construction - For cardio comfort.
  • Solid platform - The absolute foundation needed for stability in individual exercises.

Top4Fitness TIP: If you take weightlifting seriously, then be sure to reach for the weightlifting models that will support you while lifting really heavy weights.

And it is precisely these basic qualities that all the pieces we have chosen for you have. Come see them!


Reebok Nano X3

Reebok brings the latest update of versatile Cross Training model. The big news is the adaptation to the running part of the workout. Meet the all-new Lift and Run Chassis system. The dome-shaped portion of the heel compresses to form a stable platform when you lift weights, but softens again when you bounce to run. The whole technology rides on the award-winning Floatride Energy Foam to give you lightweight cushioning. Check out the three key features of the Nano X3:

  • Lift and Run Chassis: A new midsole technology that provides heel strength and stability for weightlifting and also ensures softness and cushioning for running and jumping.
  • Soft and Durable Upper: Flexweave® woven fabric upper provides flexible stretch and targeted support in key areas.
  • Energetic Floatride foam: Floatride Energy Foam in the heel area for lightweight cushioning during running and other dynamic exercises.

Reebok Nano collection

More Reebok models for Cross Training

  • Reebok Nano X2 - The latest model developed based on feedback directly from athletes.
  • Reebok Nano X1 - The predecessor of the Nano X2, in which you will shine while squatting, rope climbing, and doing burpees.
  • Reebok Nano X1 Froning - A special shoe designed in collaboration with the world-class Crossfit athlete Rich Froning, who boasts multiple titles "The Fittest on Earth".
  • Reebok Nano X1 Adventure - Classic model Nano X1 in terms of function, but unique in terms of design.
  • Reebok Nanoflex TR -Another shoe from the Nano series designed for intensive training.

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Nike Metcon 8

Everyone's favourite training model is here again in a new update. And it's even lighter and more breathable than the previous version. With this shoe on your foot, nothing will stop you from cardio training or lifting weights. What are the three new features and advantages of the Nike Metcon 8?

  • Cushioned stride: Nike React foam creates a comfortable and cushioned footbed that i's lightweight and responsive when you take on intense cardio workouts or sprints.
  • Grip in all conditions: Grippy rubber wraps around the arch during strenuous rope climbing, has great traction and keeps you on your feet in the gym and also outside on the concrete.
  • Stability for safe weightlifting: The wide and flat heel is even more stable thanks to the inner plate. It can spread the weight from edge to edge.

Nike Metcon collection

More Nike Cross Training shoes

  • Nike Metcon 7 - The perfect shoe for your training! It is even more durable and stable than previous versions.
  • Nike Metcon 6 - We must also mention the predecessors of the latest model. While Nike is improving its models, the Metcon 6 definitely deserves a place here.
  • Nike React Metcon - The improved original Metcon model for the most comfortable cushioning Nike can offer.
  • Nike Legend Essential 2 - Simple design, stable heel, breathable upper and ensuring grip on any surface. That says it all.

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